Czech CZ fc75878b-73cd-46a1-a5de-30bc4d0bb200 <![CDATA[Melting Pot discussion forum brings world of ideas to Colours of Ostrava]]> 9d165dcb-2770-476f-9497-d98b4f3ddd64 <![CDATA[Unipetrol posts net profit of 2.9 billion crowns in second quarter]]> e70598b7-5706-4766-b1b3-9b783a154102 <![CDATA[Passenger numbers at Prague airport continue to grow]]> 7e9b8cb6-553e-4999-9f6a-1852cc8f845e <![CDATA[Thousands throng Ostrava post-industrial site for 2018 Colours]]> 6f001d86-ad8b-4f3c-8fbe-f13d77c5c3b4 <![CDATA[Jak vidíte Českou republiku?]]> 8d088da8-5372-42c6-9fe9-bc3cd999f143 <![CDATA[Filmed in Prague: the Instagram capturing the Czech Republic’s cinema city]]> 04f7895e-7d71-4f5e-b47d-a9650f43fd90 <![CDATA[Second minister resigns over allegations of plagiarism]]> 69d93477-3fa0-4805-8e2a-04d4726f51d3 <![CDATA[OECD report: Czech economy thriving but should get greener]]> dc11745d-2f2b-4948-b818-6560eb1fca8d <![CDATA[Political analyst says Trump-Putin summit signals trying times for Europe]]> 3e84e158-e7ec-44d4-a5fe-8943e200f54a <![CDATA[Growing number of Czech children using bank cards]]> 8f8f9095-ccad-4872-aef5-90b955110cb5 <![CDATA[Czech PM says accepting more migrants is “road to hell” for Europe]]> fcd07d79-2f6a-4ea9-bd6e-97fdabae73d4 <![CDATA[Czech response mixed to Trump call for accelerated defence spending]]> 09235798-8a97-4063-9bf4-c64a29508065 <![CDATA[Taxi drivers want firmer action against Uber despite earnings registration deal]]> 36c46a96-5e37-445b-ae6e-96a3879e9430 <![CDATA[Why are over half of Czech bachelor students not completing their degrees?]]> 2aeae0ef-b6cd-4926-9b15-b0da31c1a0d6 <![CDATA[Analyst: Babiš’s coalition government “more stable than it seems”]]> 88f3db9f-06b1-4cd9-a1f0-90b26b230803 <![CDATA[Czech food banks record sharp increase of donated food]]> 79ea22e8-2278-4894-87da-40a190f332ac <![CDATA[Minority coalition set to win vote of confidence]]> aefd3573-5649-4c7f-8aff-95dd07aa0ed9 <![CDATA[On a little square near Kampa, a French market enjoys big success]]> 5efca4e2-7d14-4ec2-a8ae-e97d245ad50b <![CDATA[PM Babiš nominates constitutional law professor to replace suspected plagiarist as justice minister]]> eaff91df-ae3c-4e70-9d18-478e5078e407 <![CDATA[Czech hotels report record number of tourists in May]]>