Czech CZ d7cab0f1-ce33-4259-a7b8-ff035e9fb355 <![CDATA[Škoda Auto divulges Vision E electric car concept ahead of Shanghai debut]]> d51aaa31-fb3a-460c-aa7d-459bb71794a9 <![CDATA[Scientist Jiří Drahoš announces candidacy for Czech president]]> 56330577-0091-469f-8f8b-9abafa0c3856 <![CDATA[Last ditch appeal to tackle flawed debt collection facing two million Czechs]]> 8ec0c9c6-18a2-48ea-93d7-da9d79cc29b6 <![CDATA[Future of data box system uncertain as competition to operate it runs aground]]> 96808384-81d3-44e7-9ffc-7215c5baf8a2 <![CDATA[Study finds Czechs’ trust in media has fallen sharply]]> 6d6dbafd-2f2f-45bc-be6a-f80bb617151c <![CDATA[Forex interventions could end in a matter of days]]> 98df1db6-3179-4e06-82a4-f65738a01a25 <![CDATA[PM Sobotka touts benefits of European integration project during Rome “unity” summit]]> 2a38efb9-85ac-4428-9b6b-db769e3d0217 <![CDATA[Czech government considering its options in face of EU fine for clash of interest]]> 7ff5d262-1a80-4961-bee5-9f4ba2fb8faf <![CDATA[Czech stand ‘confused’ going into Rome informal summit says analyst]]> ce01dd19-d6be-455a-8435-8cfb4c7520fe <![CDATA[Twenty years since Kolya won Best Foreign Language Film Oscar]]> b67331dc-aed6-4ecf-99cd-53b746105e5c <![CDATA[Cardinal Miloslav Vlk: From window-cleaner to Archbishop of Prague]]> ba0437e6-4616-4dfa-8b76-62765df933f6 <![CDATA[Christmas markets in Czechia]]> b63b6c71-ebd6-4e3c-85d6-486043c7c55f <![CDATA[Cardinal Miloslav Vlk: Intimate confessions from his early years]]> 7eb9b637-76c1-48d7-b372-b28de1b89fdb <![CDATA[Government approves greater liberalisation of Czech rail market]]> e8f7c704-9604-4c91-980f-0657767d193b <![CDATA[Brian Eno presents “first three-dimensional song” in Prague installation]]> 83b7a582-73a9-4fea-bdc6-dbcf34de9481 <![CDATA[Czech political leaders react to London terrorist attacks]]> 5ec61443-b717-4ecd-8259-08e2b21c5395 <![CDATA[Febiofest: Prague’s biggest film festival aims to satisfy both cineastes and mainstream audiences]]> 818872ac-32dc-4bf4-9a1b-ee78e5250000 <![CDATA[Footballer Pavel Nedvěd stamps mark on Czech coins]]> fcd7cf51-ece0-4911-99ef-65c0578db7cf <![CDATA[Škoda profits climb for third record-breaking year in row]]> dd0d9c62-94dc-4118-b074-13d7d88f0c06 <![CDATA[New style brainstorming marathon comes up with ideas for Prague metro system]]>