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photo:  (Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant)

Maurer’s GRAND RESTAURANT Guide is an independent guide to the best restaurants in the Czech Republic. It was first published in 2002 on the initiative of the prominent Czech gastro critic Pavel Maurer. The project has a simple goal: to fight bad food and unpleasant waiters.

Maurer’s GRAND RESTAURANT Guide is based on the opinions of volunteering assessors who do not know each other and come from different social and professional groups. They are connected only by a passion for fine food. Their task is to independently assess the restaurants in Prague and all over the Czech Republic and thus provide verified information and tips for other food lovers.

The research in the restaurants is conducted through the personal experience of the assessors, who grade the restaurants they visit. The final grades are then computed as a statistical average of all valid assessments. The restaurants are generally assessed on a sliding scale (1 through 5):
  • 1 - excellent
  • 2 - very good
  • 3 - good
  • 4 - acceptable
  • 5 - avoid this one
The quality of food, service and interior is assessed.

Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Guide is published annually and it is regularly updated. It announces the TOP 10 restaurants in the following categories: TOP 10 food, TOP 10 service, TOP 10 interior and TOP 10 absolute (food, service, interior). It also nominates the 10 winning restaurants, based on the choice of experts in the field of gastronomy (chefs and other experts) – TOP according to the experts.

Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Guide 2011 includes more than 600 restaurants in Prague and the Czech Republic. For more information about the Guide and the ranking of the restaurants, click here.
Author: Romana Kuncová
Source: www.grandrestaurant.cz
Added: 12.01.2011

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