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The Czech Republic is linked to the rich historical tradition of the Czech Crown Lands, especially with the democratic heritage of , when the Czechoslovak Republic was one of the most advanced nations. At the time, it was considered an island of democracy and civil liberties in Central Europe and an active partner cooperating internationally with democratic countries.

The Czech Republic is a democratic country based on a multi-party political system. The Parliament of the Czech Republic, which is made up of two chambers - the Chamber of Deputies and the Czech Senate - is the central legislative body here. The President of the Republic is the head of state and represents the country's executive power together with the Czech Republic Government.

The supreme law of the Czech Republic is its Constitution, which was ratified by the Czech National Assembly in December 1992 and went into effect for the new and independent Czech Republic on 1/1/1993. The Declaration of Basic Rights together with legislation  and international conventions contribute to the fundamentals of the Czech democratic system.

The Czech constitutional order thoroughly divides powers: legislative power (represented by a two-chamber Parliament), executive power (represented by the Cabinet and the president) and judiciary power.

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