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In international relations, the Czech Republic seeks to represent itself as a democratic nation and a politically, economically and socially stable state in Central Europe. It seeks to promote not only its particular interests but also to assume its share of responsibility for the development of Europe and the international community as a whole.


With the size and population of a midsize European country, its open economy, exports and services that account for a considerable part of its GDP, and as a country with limited natural resources; the Czech Republic is to a large extent dependent on international cooperation. 

NATO membership and European Union accession together constitute the accomplishment of key foreign policy priorities since the establishment of the independent Czech state. These features play a decisive role in strengthening and consolidating its international position and security. For the Czech Republic, these major organizations constitute new ways and means of promoting the country's interests abroad.

The international environment in which the Czech Republic has been pursuing its foreign policy results from the interaction of a number of factors, including sovereign states, groupings of states with differing degrees of integration into international organizations and institutions, non-governmental entities and non-governmental organizations, as well as a variety of numerous interest groups lacking transparency who ignore the rules of international relations, including organized-crime groups and terrorist organizations.

The role, importance and influence of these individual factors are subject to change, often over very short periods of time. The end of bipolarity and changes in the security environment have brought on the acceleration of globalization, the liberalization of the world economy, the growing interdependence of states and the advancement of science and technology. These factors have resulted in the rising importance of multilateral cooperation within international organizations and integration groupings. In light of recent threats posed by certain illegal networks, in particular terrorist organizations, we are witnessing a rapid rise in the significance of all international mechanisms aimed at countering such dangerous phenomena.

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Association for International Affairs: http://www.amo.cz/en/

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