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Zoological Garden in Prague

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The Prague Zoo is situated in a beautiful Trojská basin where meadows, rocks and large water areas meet. The lower, plane and damper part of the area is separated from the upper dry part by a robust rock wall. The area offers a playground for children, two restaurants and other places where you can have a snack or buy a souvenir. The zoo is easily accessible by Prague's public transit system (underground line C and bus No.112).

The area of the entire garden is 58 hectares; the exposition area is 42 hectares. 

The Prague Zoo was established in 1931.

The attendance of the garden is over half a million of visitors per year. 

The zoo specializes in the breeding of animal species that are endangered by eradication - such as the Przewalski horse, antelopes, beasts, water fowl and lizards. The zoo had significant merit in saving the gene resources of the Przewalski horse; it cooperates in the program of repatriation of the lammergeyer, creeping vole and night heron. It participates in 45 European breeding EEP programs. A part of the exposition is about 300 species of rare plants and tree species, some of which are unique.

The Prague zoo breeds 1180 mammals of 167 species, 1366 birds of 265 species and 792 reptliles of 116 species.

Among the most remarkable species that can be found here are: green turtle, Chinese alligator, Cuban iguana, southern cassowary, red panda, brown hyena, cheetah, Manchu leopard, Siberian tiger, Sumatran tiger, aardvark, white rhinoceros, the Przewalski horse, kiang, bongo antelopes and Mendes antelope, goral, ruffled lemur, orangutan and western-lowland gorilla.

The garden breeds 172 species listed in the Red Data Book of endangered species, and 46 species endangered in the Czech nature.

During your visit, don't miss the pavillion of felines, the big aviary for birds of prey, the pavilion of big mammals, the breeding station of water fowl, egress for giraffes, outlet of polar bears or an exposition of small American beasts.

The rarity of Prague Zoo is the bush dog, which almost does not reproduce in captivity. The zoo has bred tens of them, and some were returned to their native Ecuador. The Himalayan tahr and other subungulates in the exposition founded on nature rock are also interesting.

Transport to Prague Zoo is easy, since it is situated within easy reach of the Prague mass transport service.


Added: 02.01.2010

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