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Do you want to know which animals you can see in the countryside in the Czech Republic and which plants and trees grow there?


The most common species of animals living in the wild in this country include the hare, otter and marten. In the woods and fields you will very often see pheasants, partridges, wild boars, red deer, ducks and geese. Occasionally, you can also spot eagles and herons. In the northeastern part of Moravia you can very rarely see wolves and brown bears.

Although the indigenous forests in the Czech Republic have been artificially replaced mainly by spruce woods, you can still find more than one-third of forests with original tree structure. Forests typical of the Czech Republic mainly include a mixture of oaks, firs and spruce.

The symbolic tree of the Czech Republic is the linden; the largest living tree in the Czech Republic is actually a linden. This particular tree is marked as a monumental tree and is called Vejda’s linden (at a point 130 centimeters above the ground, the trunk perimeter is 12.5 meters), situated in Pastviny, not far from Ústí nad Orlicí.

On the other hand, the Klokočovská linden in the Železné Mountains is considered the oldest Czech tree; its age is estimated about 1,000 years. We are sure that was already a fully grown tree in the 14th century.

Although more than 10 million people live in the relatively small territory of the Czech Republic, you can still find hundreds of beautiful places that you could call a natural paradise. There are many ways of visiting these places. A popular way is to follow marked biking trails, to go for a trip with a particular target location, to spend a vacation in the great outdoors or to enjoy agro-tourism.



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