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6.3 million foreign tourists to visit the Czech Republic in 2010

photo:  (czechtourism.com)

According to data released by the Czech Statistic Office, a total of 6.3 million foreign tourists arrived to the Czech Republic in 2010. That was an increase of 5% in comparison to 2009.

The best visible increase is seen in tourists from Russia. In 2010, 413 thousand of them visited the Czech Republic, which means nearly 27% more than in 2009. There was a considerable increase in tourists from the USA (311 thousand), which is an inter-annual increase of 13%.

In 2010, the CR was a popular destination for tourists from Asia as well. There were 597 thousand tourists from Asia, i.e. 18% more than in 2009. As regards Asian tourists, most of them are Japanese (132 thousand last year), which is, when compared with 2009, 16% more. The biggest inter-annual increase is seen with South Koreans. There were 77 thousand in 2010, 40% more than a year ago. A considerable increase of 28% was seen in Chinese tourists – there were 79 thousand Chinese tourists.
Inter-annual increases were also seen in the tourist statistics from France, Poland, Slovakia and Greece.

As usual, most tourists arrived to the Czech Republic from Germany – 1.4 million in total. This represents an inter-annual decrease of 3.1%. A decrease was also found in the tourist statistics from Italy.

Obviously, the most frequently visited place in the Czech Republic in 2010 was Prague, followed by the Karlovy Vary and South Moravian regions.

Foreign tourists coming to the CR in 2010 by nationality and decrease/increase (-/+)

Source: CSO, ECTAA, Eurozprávy.cz, CzechTourism
1.    Germans  – 1,350,336, -3%
2.    Russians – 413,765, +27%
3.    Britons – 367,870, -1%
4.    Poles – 350,958, +3%
5.    Italians – 332,989, -7%
6.    Americans – 310,791, +13%
7.    Slovaks – 308,471, +7%
8.    French – 251,463, +12%
9.    Spanish – 196,324, +1%
10.   Dutch – 194,306, -5%
Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 05.02.2011

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