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A significant change in the security conditions and constitution of territory protection had already taken place by the time the Czech Republic joined NATO February 26, 1999.

The Army of the Czech Republic is a decisive part of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic which comprises also the Military Office of President of the Republic and the Castle Guard. The Army is managed by the Ministry of Defense, which contributes to the formation of a strategy for the military defence policy of the country, prepares a concept for operations planning of the state territory and suggests necessary defense arrangements to the government of Czech Republic.

The primary mission of the Czech Army is to ensure the military defense of the country with based on international treaty obligations of the Czech Republic on joint defense. This ensures that the country will be receive defense from partners and will provide defense assistance to them in case of need. The Czech military is engaged in the integrated NATO military structure, which contributes to defense, operations and civil crisis management planning, procedural and organizational aspects of nuclear consultations and participation in joint exercises and operations.

The basic tasks of the Czech military are specified as follows in the Security Strategy of the Czech Republic:

  • to protect the territory of the Czech Republic using the system of joint defense,
  • to collaborate on operations outside the Czech Republic under the leadership of NATO, the European Union and other organizations for coalition operations; ensure the safety of Czech air space,
  • to adopt NATO forces in case of military jeopardization of the Czech Republic´s territory or jeopardization of the Alliance,
  • to accomplish tasks regarding the non-military jeopardization of the Czech Republic and tasks resulting from legislation.

The Czech Army has been fully professional since January 2005. This means that Czech citizens join the army upon their own decision and they become career soldiers. Of course, they have to meet other requirements - for example take a military oath, go through the basic military service or basic military preparation, stop membership in any political party, competent, healthy and fit, etc.

The Active Reserve exists besides the professional Army. Czech citizens of at least 18 years of age, who are healthy, fit and competent can join. The Active Reserve is used for strengthening the Armed Forces active force under a state of emergency, state of war or when non-military crisis situations arise in order to protect the lives and property of people in the aftermath of natural disasters, to include the mitigation of their consequences.

The Czech Army is highly professional, is able to collaborate with allied troops, uses modern technical equipment, is mobile in the worldwide view and very specialized within the NATO alliance. The Czech Republic participated in the past in some operations and currently participates in missions in Kosovo, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan.

Joint Forces

The Joint Forces of the Czech Republic are designed to establish, train and rotate task forces that are designated to accomplish tactical or operational objectives, both within the Czech Republic and abroad, and perform other tasks within the Czech Republic as required by law. Their headquarters is located in the Moravian city of Olomouc. The forces are composed of:
  • Joint Forces Command
  • Land Forces
  • Air Force
  • Joint Forces Support Units

Support and Training Forces

The Support and Training Forces are designed to ensure personnel, training,logistic and medical support for combat forces together with other affiliated spheres of activities such as regional military commands, military bands and the Military History Institute. The Forces' headquarters is located in the Bohemian city of Stará Boleslav.


Added: 18.12.2009

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