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Foreign missions of the Armed Forces of the CR – present

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By entering the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union, the Czech Republic accepted the obligation for its army to participate in foreign missions in the interest of maintaining international security. We looked into its history in the Foreign missions of the Armed Forces of the CR – history article, and now we will be concerned with the present.

The soldiers of the Army of the Czech Republic are sent to foreign missions to carry out tasks on the basis of the demands of international governmental organisations (EU, UN, OSCE), and on the basis of passing the plan of deployment of soldiers by the Czech parliament.

The most significant current foreign missions of the Armed Forces of the CR:

Afghanistan – there are several missions of the Armed Forces of the CR in the area currently: ACR Task Force ISAF, Logar − Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team, Wardak − Czech Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team, Wardak − Czech Military Police Training Team. According to the plan passed by the Parliament of the CR, the Armed Forces of the CR are expected to decrease their numbers in Afghanistan missions until the end of 2014 and change the character of the mission from fighting to training. 150 soldiers at most should operate there by the end of 2014. The limitation of the ISAF fighting operation is in accordance with the overall strategy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which aims to pass the responsibility for security in Afghanistan on to the local inhabitants entirely.

Kosovo – mission KFOR. There are currently six Czech soldiers serving at the KFOR headquarters. The multinational NATO peace operation on the territory of Kosovo was launched on 12 July 1999 under the name JOINT GUARDIAN. From April 2005, the operation has been called JOINT ENTERPRISE. The soldiers should stay there until February 2013.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – participation within the Althea Operation (EUFOR), which aims to maintain security and peace as well as promote further development of Bosnia and Herzegovina on its way towards European integration and combating corruption and organised crime.

Somalia – there are three Czech soldiers present in Somalia within the operation EU-NAVFOR Atalanta. The operation has a mandate to protect vessels of the World Food Programme (WFP).

Sinai (MFO) – control of meeting security conditions of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel − there are three officers of the Czech Army present from November 2009. Czech soldiers serve at one of the MFO bases in the area, i.e. the El Gorah base in northern Sinai.

You will find a detailed list of missions here.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: mise.army.cz
Added: 07.10.2012

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