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Spa resorts in the Czech Republic welcome an increasing number of visitors

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The spa industry, with its hundreds of years of history, is of very high quality in the Czech Republic. This can be proven by the fact that our country was presented with the EUROPESPA med© certificate of quality by the European Spas Association in Brussels, which is awarded to selected European spas after a thorough control and audit of their premises and management. The Czech Republic first gained this certificate in 2006 as the very first recipient in Europe.

The spa industry plays a very important role in the economic potential of the Czech Republic within the tourist industry. The spas of today are modern spa-rehabilitation complexes that make use of natural healing sources and create an indispensable part of the after-care system with an accent on prevention.

Czech healing and rehabilitation spa resorts are indisputably attractive throughout Europe as the number of visitors increases every year. In the first half of 2011, Czech spas welcomed 346,728 guests. In comparison with the same period in 2010, it represents an increase of 7%, more precisely a 2% increase of Czech guests, while nearly 14% more foreigners visited one of the Czech spa resorts.

Czech spas have held long-term popularity with Germans and Russians, followed by Ukrainians, Austrians and Slovaks. The top ten visiting countries are closed out by guests from the USA, France, Poland, Italy and China. In the last ten years an increasing number of guests from other Asian countries have been coming to our spa resorts, especially from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Kazakhstan.

However, it is the Russians and Ukrainians who spend the most time in the resorts; the Russians stay 13.3 days on average, Ukrainians 12.4 days.

For both national and international guests, the most attractive spa resorts are located in the Karlovy Vary Region. In 2010 they welcomed 59% of the total number of visitors. It is necessary to note that 50% of all spa facilities in the Czech Republic are located in the Karlovy Vary Region. The second most visited spa region in Bohemia (by a big margin) is the Zlín Region (Luhačovice Spa Resort).
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: www.czechtourism.cz
Added: 17.11.2011

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