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Elections in 2010: The winner is in the opposition

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The winner of the elections to the Czech Republic House of Parliament is the Czech Social Democratic Party (22.09%). However, it actually ended up as the opposition. The government was put together by the representatives of centre-right political parties.

Even though social democracy won the elections, the number of mandates that it acquired in the lower chamber of the CZ parliament was not enough to enable it to put together a government, which would have the support of an above-half majority of the Members of Parliament, i.e. at least 101 votes. On the contrary the  Civic Democratic Party (20.22%) finally succeeded in creating a majority coalition along with two completely new political parties – TOP 09 (16.71%) and Věci veřejné (Public Matters) (10.88%). The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia also managed to get into parliament with its acquired 11.27% votes.

The elections were very dramatic, the foreign media even titled this period a political earthquake. So what happened in particular? The most interesting events of the elections to the CZ House of Parliament in 2010:

  • For the first time in 91 years representatives of the “people”, the Christian and Democratic Union – Czech People’s Party , did not get into the legislative body.
  • A record number of women have seats on the member’s benches – 44 female members of parliament of the two-hundred strong legislative body. This is the highest number in history, thirteen more than after the last elections.
  •  “Only” 86 members retained their mandate, which is less than one half. Consequently there are 114 new members in the House of Parliament. This also happened as a result of the fact that voters exercised their right to give a candidate a preferential vote in these elections. A total of 3.7 million preferential votes were given. Many were given to people who placed towards the end of the lists of candidates. So for instance in Prague, businessman Jan Florian, who placed last (36th) on the list of candidates, managed to acquire a seat in the use of Parliament for the ODS (Civic Democratic Party).
  • The oldest elected Member of Parliament is the leader of the TOP 09 party, Prince Charles Schwarzenberg (born in 1937).
  • The youngest Member of Parliament is social democrat Adam Rykala (born in 1986).
  • As a result of their failure in the elections the chairmen of the following parties resigned their function – Social Democratic Party Jiří Paroubek; Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party Cyril Svoboda; Civic Rights Party – Zemanovci Miloš Zeman.
Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 07.07.2010

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