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Alena "Ája" Vrzáňová

photo:  (sxc.hu)



This famous Czech figure skater left for figure skating training in London in the autumn of 1946. In January 1947, she won the championships of the republic, came in sixth in the European Championships and seventh in the World Championships. A year later, she won bronze at the European Championships in Prague and came in fifth at the World Cup in Davos and at the Olympics in St Moritz. She won her first World Championships in 1949 in Paris.

In January 1950, she won her third republic title, the European Championships in Norway and the World Championships in London.

The twice world champion received political asylum in England. In April 1950, she went to the United States to work in the Ice Follies show, for which she skated for three years. She then skated for the next 13 years in the Ice Capades.



Added: 04.01.2010

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