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photo: Obecní dům (wikipedia.org, autor petr1868)

Prague offers many highly visible and intriguing buildings. Many of them have become traditional touristic places of interest while others still provoke mixed feelings and some of them simply prove that Prague is a constantly developing modern metropolis.

However, all these buildings designed by prominent architects form an inseparable part of Prague. Let us look at some of them.

Václav Aulický (*1944) is the author of the perhaps most distinct Prague structure, the Žižkov Television Tower (map) (1985–1991). His other designs include e.g. the complex of buildings of the Czech Television at Kavčí hory (map) (1995), the Automatic Exchange in  Dejvice (map) (1975–1978), the administration buildings of Česká pojišťovna in Pankrác (map) (1996–1997), the modern administrative centres Karlín I (map) (1997) and Karlín II (2001) and the office buildings Diamond Point in Karlín (map) (2005).

Antonín Balšánek (*1865 – †1921) is known especially as the author of the beautiful Art Nouveau building of the Municipal House in Prague (map) (1905–1911), which was decorated by a number of renowned artists of the time. Other significant buildings of his design include the Legion Bridge (map) (1898–1901) or the neo-Renaissance Museum of the Capital City of Prague (map) (1896–1902). Outside Prague, the architect designed e.g. the City Theatre in Pilsen (map) (1899–1902) or the East Bohemian Theatre in Pardubice (map).

Josef Fanta (*1856 – †1954) was one of the most significant personalities of the Art Nouveau style in Czech architecture. After finishing his studies, he assisted at the construction of the National Theatre (map) and collaborated on the construction of the old building of the Main (Wilson’s) Railway Station (map) (1901–1909), the building of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (map) (1932) or the Cairn of Peace Memorial near Brno (map) (1912).

Josef Hrubý (*1906 – †1988) was a representative of functionalism and co-author of the design of the Restaurant Expo 58 (map), which was a part of the Czechoslovak exhibition pavilion at the World Expo 58 in Brussels and is now located in the Letná. He is the author of the Strahov complex with student halls of residence (map) and also worked on the reconstruction of the Strahov Stadium (map).

Vlado Milunic (*1941) is a Czech architect of Croatian origin and the author of the remarkable Dancing House (map) at Rašín’s Embankment (1996). His name is also signed under the design of the complex Hvězda in Petřiny (map) (2000) or the Children and Youth Centre in Modřany (map) (2005).

Vratislav Pasovský (*1854 – †1924) is the author of many significant projects in Prague. The best known and most visited is indisputably the “Czech Eiffel Tower” – Petřín Observation Tower (map) (1891). He is also the designer of Stýblo Palace (map) at St Wenceslas Square.

Jiří Hejda (*1970) is the author of the modern office building Main Point (map) in Karlín, which was proclaimed the best administration building in the world for 2011. The architectonic studio DaM, which Hejda co-owns, has also realised other projects such as the Tenement House with a Gym (map) (2011, in the same year the project gained the Architecture Grand Prix – National Architecture Award) or the reconstruction of the Pilsen Brewery (map).

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 13.06.2012

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