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Ctibor Turba

photo:  (sxc.hu)



A mime artist, choreographer, director and instructor, and an important exponent of Czech pantomime.

Together with Boris Hybner, he became at the end of the 1960s the co-author of a new movement that defined itself in relation to the classic Marceau pantomime represented by the work of Ladislav Fialka by adopting techniques from drama, silent comedy film, circus, commedia dell´ arte and other sources.

He is the co-founder of the Alfred Jarry Pantomime, and of the Alfréd ve dvoře theater in 1997. He has been an instructor for many years, and the creator of a distinctive line of non-verbal theater at the Music Faculty of Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU). Turba and his pupils have spread the glory of Czech theater at many events and festivals abroad where theatrical individuality is appreciated.



Added: 17.12.2009

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