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Although the Czech Republic is not exactly a country renowned for fashion, Czech fashion designers do have much interesting to offer. Many of them are successful in the Czech Republic and their names ring quality and originality in foreign countries, too.

Let us introduce the most sough-after and renowned Czech clothes designers of today.

Josef Klír

This designer sometimes nicknamed the “Czech Galliano” studied at the secondary technical textile school in Liberec. He managed to break through during his studies, by gaining the first prize in the competition of young fashion designers in Teplice and in Liberec in 1987. In 1999, he founded his two own brands- Josef Klír definitely in! and JKJ (jeans section). He was twice proclaimed the best designer of the year. One of his biggest achievements was the success of his presentation of wedding dresses at the Couture Fashion Week in New York in 2006.

Josef Klír designs eccentric models for social occasions as well as clothes for everyday use. His designs are straightforward and avant-garde. His models are characteristic by the cut, striking accessories, combinations of miscellaneous colours, styles and materials. He has found a liking in corsets, by which he masterfully draws attention to the décolletage.

Liběna Rochová

She studied clothes design at a secondary technical textile school and from 1984, she uses her brand LR. Apart from making designer clothes, she also makes smaller model collections. When not designing clothes, she works with young designers, whom she provides e.g. space for exhibiting their models in her Studio LR. From 2008, she has been working at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague as the head of the atelier of clothes and shoes.

She first came to light in 1994 and 1995, when she made clothes for the prestigious competition Elite Model Look. Her models break stereotypes in fashion, they are original and distinctive. Fashion shows with her models take place e.g. at the Designblok and she saw a huge success with her collection at the Expo in Shanghai.

Blanka Matragi

She studied glass cutting and later the secondary technical glass school and clothes design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. While still a student, she won the first prize in the national competition Fashion Designer and she also designed the winning collection for the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow in 1978. After leaving school, she moved with her Lebanese husband to his native country, where she soon opened her own salon Blanka Matragi Couture in Beirut.

Her clientele includes princesses and wives of Arabian sheikhs and oil magnates in the area of the Persian Gulf. Her fairy-tale-like models are made of the most luxurious materials, they are often hand-painted, embroidered or otherwise decorated and her designs are characterised by abstract styles of pastel colours. Blanka Matragi designs only women clothes. The only men for whom she ever designed clothes are policemen in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, who wear uniforms designed by her. In 2002, she was given the international prize of Salvador Dali.

Klára Nademlýnská

She studied at the secondary technical school of clothes design in Prague and after finishing the school, she left for Paris to gain practical experience. She spent another seven years in a renowned fashion salon, where she gradually worked her way through to become a designer. In 1998, she opened a luxurious salon with pret-a-porter fashion in Prague and she founded her own brand, which was extended by collections Klára Jeans and Klára Sport in 2004.

Models by Klára Nademlýnská feature many different styles, from elegant to sports clothes. She is not afraid to combine practicality with fantasy. Her fashion is timeless, charming, original and distinctive.

Monika Drápalová

She studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and after finishing her studies, she got a scholarship to England in a Nottingham fashion salon. When she returned to the Czech Republic, she studied alternative theatre at Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts and participated in international competitions of fashion designers in France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland and showed her models at shows in Italy or Germany. In 1998, she opened her authorial studio called the Atelier Modrá in Prague, which expanded into Lyon in France in 2001. She is historically the first Czech designer that got the chance to present her haute couture collection in Paris.

Models by Monika Drápalová are modern, innovative, striking and they have a distinctive personal style. Her clothes are sought-after not only in France but also e.g. in Japan, Italy, Lebanon or the USA.

Beata Rajská

She studied at a secondary school of clothes design in Trenčín and at the department of history and archival science the Faculty of Arts in Bratislava. As a student, she won several prizes at fashion competitions. Her name is associated with a fashion brand that has been on the market since 1997. In 2001, Beata Rajská founded her own fashion company called Beata Rajská – design.

Her name is inseparably connected with the completion Miss CR, whose participants she dressed until 2004. Her design also gained the prize for the most beautiful evening dress in the competition of 140 models at the competition Miss World Tourism in Columbia.

Beata Rajská’s clothes are known for their functionality and practicality but also still have some eccentric traces and an original style. Beata Rajská also designs purses and she created a model series of wrist watches in cooperation with the Czech brand of watches PRIM.
Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 07.02.2012

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