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Famous cafés and sweetshops – Part 2

photo: U Myšáka (czechtourism.com)

Cafés and sweetshops are popular meeting places. There is at least one renowned café or sweetshop with its own story and tradition in every major city of the Czech Republic. If you are tempted to visit such places, we can offer you a few tips. The first part of our series was focused on cafés and sweetshops outside Prague, while this second part is dedicated to such places in Prague.

Café Slavia
One of the oldest and most popular cafés has undergone multiple reconstructions but has nevertheless kept its charm and historical atmosphere. It was opened in 1881 and became a meeting place for Czech intellectuals and artists. Among many others, the most famous visitors include Antonín Dvořák, Jaroslav Seifert or Václav Havel. The café is located on the Smetana Riverbank (Map) and offers a fantastic view of the National Theatre, Prague Castle as well as the Lesser Town. The interior is designed in art deco style.

Myšák Sweetshop
The most famous original Prague sweetshop of František Myšák was open in the house with a rondo-cubistic façade in Vodičkova Street (Map) from 1911 to 1949. It reopened in 2008, when the whole house, which had meanwhile become significantly dilapidated, was completely reconstructed. The interior of the sweetsop is equipped with replicas of furniture and other furnishings made according to period photographs. All this in combination with desserts prepared according to František Myšák’s famous original recipes invokes a perfect atmosphere of a First Republic sweetsop.

Erhart Café
This functionalistic sweetshop and café boast a tradition dating from 1937. Its two shops are located on Milady Horákové Street (Map) and Vinohradská Street (Map) in Letná. Guests are served with handmade desserts prepared according to traditional recipes of prominent Czech, German, Austrian, French and Italian confectionary masters.

Café Louvre
Café Louvre was opened on Národní třída (Map) in 1902 and has become one of the most significant cafés in Prague. Such personalities as Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein and Karel Čapek have passed through its door. The airy red Art Nouveau interior perfectly matches the cream white of the walls and stuccos from the 1930s.

Grand Café Orient
The café is located on the first floor of the famous cubistic House of the Black Madonna (Map) from 1912 which has been reconstructed in accordance with Josef Gočár’s original plans. It is the only cubistic café in the whole world as this style is an exclusively Czech phenomenon in architecture and applied art.

Café Imperial
The building of the café located on Na Poříčí (Map) Street was built in art deco style in 1913- 1914 and every signal detail breathes luxury. The café was moved into the building after a large-scale reconstruction in 2007. The interior is originally decorated, especially by an Art Nouveau mosaic from Jan Beneš, professor of decorative art and Josip Plečnik’s student.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 05.08.2012

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