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On 1 June 2012 in Czernin Palace, the first vice-premier and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Karel Schwarzenberg, will bestow the GRATIAS AGIT Award 2012 upon outstanding personalities who have significantly helped to promote the renown of the Czech Republic throughout the world.

The Gratias Agit has been organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1997. The minister annually recognises people who have contributed to creating a good image of the Czech Republic in foreign countries through their diligence and work. The award does not include any financial reward. The laureates are invited to a three-day stay in Prague, which culminates with the award ceremony, during which they receive a diploma and a crystal carving in the shape of the globe. 

Many of the recipients are Czech compatriots who live in different parts of the world but have not forgotten where they come from, proudly acknowledging their roots and spreading the fame of their mother country. The award is also given to friends of the Czech Republic, who, apart from their profession, and without any claim for payment, promote our country. These include bohemicists, translators, scientists, businessmen, artists, writers and pedagogues. This year, 12 personalities have been selected for the Gratias Agit Award.


1. AKIMAN Nazmi, diplomat, businessman and the chairman of the Turkish-Czech Business Council, Turkey
2. ALTAN-OCHIR Jalair Byaruuzana, director of a puppet theatre and pedagogue, Mongolia
3. BERKOVÁ DE ARREDONDO Sylva, chairwoman of the Association of Czechs in Misiones, Argentina
4. BLÁHA Vladimír, protector of rights of national minorities and chairman of the Česká beseda association, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. CHMEL Jiří, signatory of Charter 77 and founder of the Czech exile culture centre in Vienna, Austria
6. JANKŮ Anna, founder and chairwoman of the Association of Czech Women in Cairo, Egypt
7. JIŘIČNÁ Eva, world-renowned Czech architect, Great Britain
8. PAVLÍK Ladislav, chairman of the Munich branch of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Germany
9. SLAVÍKOVÁ BOUCHER Lucie, doctor and founder of the Czech School without Borders, France
10. TUČAPSKÝ Antonín, music composer, conductor and pedagogue, Great Britain
11. TUMAREC Natalia, director of the museum of Ivan Olbracht in Koločava, Ukraine
12. VRZÁŇOVÁ STEINDLER Ája, chairwoman of the International Coordination Committee of Expatriate Czechs, USA
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Added: 09.05.2012

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