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South-Bohemian Region

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This region is distinguished by its picturesque landscape and nature. It is located in the south of our country and its beauty surprises every visitor.

The South Bohemian Region is distinguished by its strong cultural and natural assets. Our predecessors left numerous beautiful ancient towns, majestic Gothic churches, romantic Renaissance chateaus, monasteries and abundant vernacular architecture here. This is also a region with abundant natural ponds, pine forests and extensive peat land.

This region is located on the borders with Austria and Germany. Its area makes it the second largest region in the Czech Republic, while the population density is the lowest here. The regional capital is České Budějovice (map). There are 623 municipalities in the South Bohemian Region, with 53 of these being towns. Within the terms of the economy the primary sector plays a major role here – agriculture, forestry and fishpond management. The South Bohemian Region’s employment in the agricultural sector has attained second place on a nationwide scale. Fishpond management is a long-term tradition in this region.

Of the abundant cultural heritage in South Bohemia, particularly due to valuable monuments and comprehensive town reservations, the town of Český Krumlov (map) and the architecturally unique municipality of Holašovice (map) have been registered as UNESCO world heritage sites. Sites of interest for tourists also include reservoirs Orlík (map), Lipno (map) and undoubtedly include the Šumava Mountains with plenty of hiking and cycle trails. In the winter the mountains, which offer skiing opportunities for visitors, are the region’s main attraction. We must also mention the spa industry in this region – the towns of Třeboň (map) and Bechyně (map).

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Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 18.05.2010

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