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Emil Zátopek

The Czech sporting elite includes numerous famous personalities whose achievements during the Olympic Games gained worldwide attention. The top watched sporting events won by Czech medallists include Věra Čáslavská (gymnastics), Martina Navrátilová (tennis), Jan Železný (javelin throw), Aleš Valenta (acrobatic skiing) or Martina Sáblíková (speed skating) who all helped to build up the Czech Republic’s image as sport superpower. However, there is one legend honoured for remarkable accomplishments that stand out above all others – Emil Zátopek. By single-handedly redrawing the boundaries of his sport, Zátopek became the greatest runner of the 20th century.

Cultural facts

Svatopluk Čech



South Moravian Region

The South Moravian Region is located in the South East of the Czech Republic and shares a border with Austria and…


The new government of the Czech…

Václav Klaus, the President of the Republic, appointed new members of the government on 13th July 2010, from among…


The Pardubice Region

The Pardubice Region shares borders with the Central Bohemian, Hradec Kralove, Olomouc, South Moravian and Vysočina…

Famous historical figures

Otto Wichterle



Elections in 2010: The winner is in the…

The winner of the elections to the Czech Republic House of Parliament is the Czech Social Democratic Party (22.09…

Famous historical figures
Famous historical figures

Josef Ressel (1793–1857)

Josef Ressel, an inventor and a writer, was originally a forest engineer. He was born in 1793 in Chrudim and his family…


The Vysočina Region

The Vysočina Region is situated at the transport and population central point of the country. It borders the South…


The Treaty of Lisbon and the Czech…

Has the Czech Republic agreed "guarantees" to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union as like Poland…


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Famous historical figures

Emil Zátopek

The Czech sporting elite includes numerous famous personalities whose achievements during the Olympic...

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