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A wedding in the Czech Republic

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Hundreds of foreigners say their “I do” in the Czech Republic every year. They are enticed by beautiful places where they can officially seal their relationship. Popular ceremonial halls are the Old Town City Hall, the Chateau of Hluboká and Karlštejn Castle. We will present other picturesque “backdrops”, which seem to be perfect for the most beautiful day in your life.

A very popular place for those who are engaged is The Vrtba Garden, one of the most beautiful and best preserved palace gardens in Prague. It is a national cultural monument that is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the Municipal District of Prague 1, besides in classic ceremonial halls, it is also possible to get married in the  Ledebour Garden, on Petřínské terasy (Petřín Terraces) and at Nebozízek.

The Municipal District of Prague 2 offers weddings in the Viniční altán (Pavilion of Wine) and in the Havlíčkový sady (Havlíček's Orchards) (map) pavilion.

A wedding among flowers

Every bride, in addition to a beautiful dress, wants lovely floral decorations. This wish can be fulfilled if the ceremony takes place in a botanical garden. Your wedding in the Czech Republic can take place in the Prague Botanic Garden or in the Botanical Garden and Arboretum of the Mendel University in Brno, which is primarily renowned for its orchid exhibitions.

A wedding at a castle or chateau

Just like a princess – you too can experience such a wedding in the Czech Republic. It is also possible to choose from many historical periods:

You can have a medieval wedding at the Lipnice Castle or the Loket Castle. You can experience a wedding in Renaissance surroundings at Chateau Oltyně or at Červená Lhota Castle, where you can have a Church wedding in the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. You can experiences a genuine “princess-like” wedding at the Baroque Dětenice Castle and the rococo Dobříš Chateau. An untraditional, but certainly interesting, place for a wedding is the Gorlice hall in Prague’s Vyšehrad Castle, in which are located six original Baroque statues from Charles Bridge.

You can find other historic places where you can have your wedding here.

A wedding on a ship

It is possible to say your vows directly under Charles Bridge, with a view of the Prague Castle panorama, or under the Vyšehrad cliff. These and other romantic backdrops are offered by weddings on board ships, yachts or steamboats.

According to current law, engaged couples can apply for a wedding at a place other than the ceremonial halls intended for this purpose. Whether this place is suitable enough and whether the solemnising officer will come to the place, so that you can say your “I do”, is decided by the employees of the register.

Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 01.03.2011

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