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52nd ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL – International Film Festival for Children and Youth

photo:  (zlinfest.cz)

The 52nd year of the well-known film festival for children and youth – the ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL – will open cinemas for spectators and special guests on 27 May 2012. The show of contemporary film and animation art will end on 3 June 2012.

The festival is extremely popular in the Czech Republic. In 2011, it welcomed more than 100,000 adults and children.  Even though the festival is targeted especially to young viewers and teenagers, adults will leave with many interesting cultural experiences as well. Apart from the main competitive sections, presenting feature films for children and youth and the sections dedicated to animated film, visitors may also enjoy selected feature films produced by young European filmmakers. The main award of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth is the Golden Slipper.

The cinemas that participate in the festival are not only in the city of Zlín (map) but are also found in Prague and other cities within the Czech Republic. You can even watch fairy tales and films in the unique Cinematrain – a train transformed into a moving cinema that traverses the Czech Republic for several weeks before, during and after the festival begins. Thus, the International Film Festival for Children and Youth brings films to children in tens of small towns that do not have cinemas of their own.

The auction of film clapperboards is a big success every year. Prominent artists and other important personalities make a piece of art on a film clapperboard during the year. This year, 120 painted clapperboards will be auctioned in the Academia Centre of Tomas Bata University in Zlín on 1 June. They will be exhibited from 14 May in the Shopping and Entertainment Centre Zlaté jablko.

The 52nd year of the festival will be enlivened by Irish culture. Visitors will have opportunity to enjoy films, myths and dance and music performances, accompanied with tasting traditional Irish cuisine. The ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL will also welcome a number of prominent Irish artists such as director Martin Duffy or writer Patrick McCabe, who will also make part of the festival jury. Apart from the great selection of Irish films for children and youth, the coproduction animated film inspired by Celtic mythology called Brendan and the Secret of Kells from 2009 will be presented as well as films by the two most significant Irish directors Neil Jordan and Jim Sheridan. Many Irish actors famous from popular Hollywood blockbusters will be presented in several films. For example Colm Meaney will definitely capture the audience’s attention in the film How Harry Became a Tree (2001) by Goran Paskajlević, and Parked (2010) by Irish director Darragh Byrne.

Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 23.05.2011

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