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Bohemian Carnevale Prague

photo:  (carnevale.cz)

Bohemian Carnevale is a carnival festival, which annually takes place in Prague and marks the culmination of the carnival or, in other words, Shrovetide season. This type of festival is considered as European cultural heritage and takes place in various European cities. The main objective of the Bohemian Carnevale is to revive the spirit of traditional medieval carnivals which were celebrated both in the streets and in noble palaces.

The carnival celebration has had a very long tradition in the Czech lands. From time immemorial, its main attraction was the masquerade parade. However, the Bohemian Carnevale Festival Prague is very different and, to a certain degree, it may be compared to the carnival in Venice… although the one in Prague is more closely connected with the historically pompous allegoric festivals held in the Czech lands.

The carnival annually takes place at several locations in the centre of Prague, including public areas, palaces, museums, galleries and theatres. You are likely to meet the participants of the carnival in colourful costumes and masks at all of these places. 

The festival programme is very rich.  Visitors can enjoy the colourful show of the allegoric masquerade parade from the Old Town City Hall through the downtown area, a variety of historic carnival scenic shows, professional and amateur clown and acrobat performances, magic shows, music and dancing creations, etc. A contest for the most beautiful mask takes place every year. There are lots of places to taste wines of special types and restaurants offer special carnival menus.

Enthusiasts who would like to play a more active role in the festival activities can lease an original costume. The festival usually lasts until Ash Wednesday, a symbol of the Lent season.

The 2013 Bohemian Carnevale Praha will take place from 1 to 12 February 2013. You will find more detailed information and the programme here.
Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 20.12.2011

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