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Legendary march Prague – Prčice

photo:  (wikipedia.org, autor Šjů)

The annual March Prague – Prčice is the most famous organised long-distance tourist march in the Czech Republic, which took place for the first time in 1966 and has since become a real legend.

It originally started as the practical joke of a few enthusiasts who were looking for a convenient finish for a march about 70 km from Prague so that it would be manageable in daylight. Today, this most popular long-distance march in the Czech Republic belongs among those with the longest history as well.

The first march took place in 1966 and the route from Prague to Prčice was 65 km long (i.e. 100,000 old Czech cubits). The march counted 469 participants, mostly enthusiasts determined to prove they can manage 100,000 Czech cubits on foot. 

Originally, the march followed a single route from Prague to Prčice. The number of routes has gradually increased since 1970, with routes from surrounding areas being added. In 1984, the march saw it post a record 24 routes. The current number of routes is 20. The shortest route is usually about 23 km and the longest one from Prague about 75 km. The route for disabled participants is 13 km long.

The march welcomed the greatest number of participants, 35,732 tourists, in 1981. In recent years, the march counts about 20,000 people, of which about 300 to 400 walkers set out on the longest route from Prague which takes about 8 hours.

In the first years, the walkers were rewarded with a ribbon. Today, participants crossing the finish line receive the well-known souvenir Prčický škrpál shoe. The principal organiser of the march is the Czech Tourist Club.

In 2005, the event was extended with a cycling route. In 2007, the march included cycle-routes from Prague, Milevsko and Tábor, and a route for the disabled starting at Miličín.

The 47th annual Prague – Prčice march will this year take place on 19 May 2012. It counts 20 routes, of which there are 2 for children, 4 for cyclists and 1 for the disabled. You may participate in the march by buying a ticket at any one of the starting points. All participants can select any of the routes according to their health, strength and physical condition.
Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 01.05.2012

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