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State Opera Merges with National Theatre

photo:  (czechtourism.com)

The State Opera was once again affiliated with the National Theatre at the beginning of 2012. Their previous relationship was terminated in 1992, and the process of the current transformation should take several years.

The Prague State Opera (mapa) is ranked among the most significant scenes in Europe. While the ballet companies and opera soloists should be unified, the orchestras and choruses of both theatres should remain independent.

In terms of the repertory performances and planned premieres, the theatres will work separately until June 2012. The transformation will become evident in the functioning of the new ballet and opera companies in the coming 2012/2013 season.

The dramaturgic plan for the 2011/2012 season will not undergo any changes. This season’s programme of the National Theatre will be enriched by the current performances of the State Opera, which includes almost 20 titles.

2012 Premieres

As for original ballet performances by the State Opera, the following season will offer Labutí jezero (Swan Lake), Giselle and Don Quijote (Don Quixote). The stages of the State Opera will present performances by the National Theatre such as Oněgin (Onegin) and Šípková Růženka (Sleeping Beauty). The State Opera will also stage Amerikana III, the first premiere of the 2012/2013 season.

Until the end of the 2011/2012 season, the State Opera will perform the ballet Dona Quixote by Minkus, whose premiere is planned for 16 February. At the same place, you will be able to see a retrospection of Petr Zuska’s choreographic work Gala X on 10 May performed for the first time. The premiere of the ballet Sleeping Beauty will take place in the National Theatre on 29 March.

On 1 April the State Opera begins concert performances of the opera Mignon by Ambroise Thomas. The programme of the opera will also include the one-act opera Sedlák kavalír (Cavalleria rusticana) by Pietro Mascagni and Komedianti (Pagliacci) by Ruggiero Leoncavallo. Their premieres are scheduled for 14 June 2012.

The premiere of the opera Gloriana, composed by Benjamin Britten, is to take place on 3 March in the National Theatre. Some operas will be performed in two languages (Czech and German) in the upcoming season, including Carmen, Rusalka and The Magic Flute. The programme of the National Theatre also features duplicate performance of Tosca and Aida, while you will no longer be able to see La traviata in the State Opera.

The National Theatre currently comprises three companies – theatre, ballet and opera.

Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 26.02.2012

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