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The Architecture Grand Prix 2011 winners

photo:  (archiv)

The 18th year of the prestigious competitive exhibition of contemporary Czech architecture, the Architecture Grand Prix – National Architecture Award (GPA), organised by the Society of Czech Architects took place this year. Once again, there was so much worth seeing!

The X5 Architecture Grand Prix X5 – National Architecture Award is open to both Czech and foreign architects, artists and designers. The only condition is that the work has been created in the Czech Republic and finished in the previous year.

In total, there were 84 projects, divided into the following seven categories in this year’s competition:
  • New Construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Family House
  • Urban Planning
  • Landscape Architecture and Garden Design
  • Architectural Design – Small-Scale Architecture – Artwork in Architecture
  • Interior Design
The international expert jury, headed by Thomas E. Bitnar, gave out 11 awards and 6 honourable mentions. This year, the Grand Prix was given to the Tenement House with Small-size Flats and a Gym on Petrské Square in Prague by Petra Burian from the architectural office DAM (map). The jury was especially impressed by the incorporation of the courageous and modern building into the surrounding historical houses. The building also has a unique interior – apart from flats, there is a kindergarten and the already mentioned gym.

The Prize for Significant Lifetime Achievement went to the architect Stanislav Hubička, who is the author, among other works, of four metro stations on line C and the reconstruction of Martinic Palace (map) and the Chateau Nelahozeves (map).

You can find the awards given in particular categories here.

The competition is held under the auspices of the mayor of the capital city of Prague, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Senate of the Czech Republic and the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture; its co-organiser is the National Gallery in Prague.

You can find more information about the project here.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 08.07.2011

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