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Prague Fashion Week

photo:  (Prague Fashion Week)

For the seventh times in a row, the Prague fashion lovers could enjoy a week dedicated to the luxury, quality and fashionable clothing. The Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week was held in specially set-up garages of the Kotva Department Store. This year’s programme presented both the well-known and new faces of the Czech fashion industry who introduced their work in 16 fashion shows.

Visitors could see the latest creations by renowned Czech designers Jakub Polanka, Kateřina Geislerová or Klára Nademlýnská who were joined by winners of the 2016 VAN GRAAF Junior Talent Contest, the creative duo Daniela Pešková & Filip Jakab, and a winner of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Talent Contest, Kateřina Plamitzerová. There were also pieces by Odivi studio, LaFormela and other brands.

In addition to fashion shows, the programme offered a variety of events. This year’s highlight was the exclusive preview of the Danish/French film called The Neon Demon about the backstage of the fashion industry. The programme also included the Paris Harper’s Bazaar Shopping Night – an event during which more than 30 luxury boutiques of renowned fashion houses and brands located in Pařížská street expanded their opening hours to present the latest autumn collection. Shopaholics moved to the rhythm of a musical performance by singer Klara Vytisková in a duo with DJ Anche.

The Prague Fashion Week originated as a two-day event in 2010. However, it gradually attracted attention of leading Czech and international fashion authorities. During its existence, the festival has experienced several concept modifications - including an open air catwalk in Pařížská street, a special festival tent in the city centre and the current Fashion Temple concept which seeks new and unique locations in historical buildings of Prague.

Since 2013, the Prague Fashion Week has been part of the global family of prestigious fashion weeks held in New York, Berlin, Sydney, Moscow, Istanbul and Mexico City.
Added: 01.11.2016

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