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The territory of the Czech Republic provides excellent nature conditions for bicycle tourism. The landscape is picturesque, and there are numerous natural beauties and historical monuments. A variety of cycling guides and maps are available on the market. Road or mountain bicycles are offered for rent from specialised bike rental services or hotels.


Cycling trails

At present, the total length of the cycling trails and routes in the Czech Republic is over 37 thousand kilometres. Every year, tens of kilometres are added. The most extensive network of cycling trails in the Czech Republic is on the territory of Prague and in Central and Northern Moravia.

The Greenway Trails – green cycling trails – represent an important part of Czech cycling trails. These trails are directed along rivers, water canals and old railways, or use traditional pilgrimage and merchant routes. In this way, a cycling tourist may access landscape beauties and national heritage sites.  The most significant Greenway Trails are: Prague – Vienna, Amber Trail, Moravian Trail, Elbe Trail, Moravian Wine Trail, etc.

The Czech Republic participates in the European cycle route network EuroVelo, a project developed by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF). The objective is to interconnect 12 pan-European cycling routes throughout the territory of Europe.
The routes are, for example:
EuroVelo no. 6 – France, Belgium, Germany, CR (Cheb, Plzeň, Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava), Poland and Ukraine
EuroVelo no. 7 – Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, CR (Děčín, Prague, Tábor, České Budějovice), Austria and Italy
EuroVelo no. 9
– Poland, CR (Jeseník, Olomouc, Břeclav /option: Brno, Hevlín/), Austria, Slovenia and Croatia


Cycling trails are marked with yellow directional signs comprising a bike icon and the trail number. Additional information, such as other destinations and distances are provided too. Similarly to road signs, the cycling trail signs are installed in front of every crossroad or branch trail.

Besides the numbered trails, there are "recommended" cycling routes that are not marked in the terrain. You can find them in maps. The recommended routes are usually connected with a specific theme, for example, South Bohemian Beer Routes. The cycling trail marking within the territory of the Czech Republic is maintained by the Czech Tourist Club (KČT).
You can find a comprehensive list of cycling routes and cycling trails in the Czech Republic, for example, here.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: Czechtourism.com, czcot.cz, nadacepartnerstvi.cz
Added: 15.06.2010

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