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Tips for in-line skating

photo:  (sxc.hu)

The number of people keen on in-line skating has continuously grown for some time already. Hand in hand, the number and the quality of trails convenient for this sport has increased as well. In this article, we are going to present the newest and most popular in-line trails which have already thrilled thousands of skaters.

The in-line trail running through the Šumava National Park (map) from  Stožec (map) to Nová Pec (map) is considered the most beautiful in-line trail in the country. Skaters have described the views that have opened in front of them as idyllic and unbelievably charming (photo-gallery here). The sun does not directly shine there, so the trail is normally quite cool.

One of the most popular in-line trails runs along the Lipno Reservoir (map). As it is lit, you can go in-line skating even in the evening hours.

The capital city of Prague offers a variety of cycling trails that are convenient for in-line skating as well. Not only the inhabitants of Prague, but also many foreigners who live in the capital, praise the trail going from Zbraslav (map) directly to the Dancing House  (map). The best-known Prague in-line trail is the so-called Prague – Ladronka (map). You will find information about other trails in Prague here.

There are also many interesting and pleasant trails in the vicinity of Prague, such as the one connecting Nymburk and Poděbrady, or the in-line and cycling trail Berounská (map).

Apart from the classical routes convenient for both cycling and skating, the Moravian capital Brno offers opportunities to go skating at the Brno Racing Circuit (map). Two or three times a month, the circuit is opened to the public for half an hour. Be sure to wear protective equipment, i.e. a helmet and knee and elbow pads, otherwise you will not be allowed to skate at the circuit.

Recently built in-line trails include Olešná (map), which runs along the Oleška Reservoir, or the nearly 5-kilometre long trail along the Morava River from Kroměříž (map) to Trávnické zahrádky (map).

Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 08.08.2011

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Tips for in-line skating

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