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photo:  (czechtourism.cz)

Vineyard cycling trails in the Czech Republic form a unique network of regional cycling trails. In the best known viniculture areas of the Czech Republic, in the region of South Moravia, picturesque vineyards have been interconnected with historical monuments and have become accessible on bicycle.


The network was established within the project named "Moravian Wine Trails", whose objective is protection of cultural heritage and development of viniculture tourism in the regions of South Moravia. A total of 11 vineyard cycling trails have been built, each of them directed through a specific viniculture region. All of them are connected to the main trail, the Greenway Moravian Wine Trail (map), considered the main artery of the wine cycling trail network. It connects Znojmo and Uherské Hradiště.

The trails whose total length is some 1200 km are mostly directed through vineyard areas and orchards and follow local roads. The trails had been designed while bearing in mind attractive landscapes, picturesque vineyards, localities of wine cellars and significant historical monuments in the region. Each village or town situated along the cycling trails provides information and maps on information panels.
The Moravian Wine Trail, along with  Prague – Vienna Greenway and Krakow – Moravia – Vienna Greenway , is considered one of the best-known cycling trails  – Greenways – in  Central Europe. It was awarded the special prize of the European Greenway Association EWE for the best projects in Europe.
The wine trails established in the territory of South Moravia are not designed exclusively for cyclists. Being used by walking tourists and the general public too, they have become very popular.

Vineyard cycling trails:

Greenway Moravian Wine Trail – 300 km – is the main artery of regional vineyard cycling trails directed throughout the picturesque landscape of South Moravia. The trail offers travelling around the region abundant with wineries, rich history and living traditions. It traverses 70 winemaking towns, 10 protected nature localities, and numerous significant historical and architectural monuments.
Brno Wine Trail – 130 km – is a cycling trail through the vineyard region comprising several central points (Rajhrad, Židlochovice and Slavkov).
Bzenec Wine Trail – 26 km – partially leads through the Kyjov hilly countryside. Near Bzenec and Vracov, it will take you to the area of the Lower Moravia ravine. It is the shortest wine trail.
Kyjov Wine Trail – 85 km – directed through hilly terrain; it is rather a challenge designed for more experienced cycling tourists.
Mikulov Wine Trail – 82 km – the southern part of the loop crosses the Lednice-Valtice premises. Then, at the colonnade at Rajstna near Valtice, the trail climbs to its highest point. From there, it continues through a very attractive terrain near the border with Austria, to Nový Přerov.
 Mutěnice Wine Trail – 65 km – the trail is directed throughout a slightly hilly landscape of the Kyjov region. The cultivated landscape and well-maintained roads that characterize this cycling loop are very attractive for visitors.
Podluží Wine Trail – 115 km – the trail offers a variety of terrain types – roads and picturesque paths crossing vineyards, refreshing roads along a pond, and shadowy oak-woods too.
Strážnice Wine Trail – 101 km – partially crossing the Lower Moravia ravine, it leads towards the foothills of the White Carpathian Mountains to the east.
Uherské Hradiště Wine Trail – 75 km – offers slightly hilly terrain. The trail follows calm roads and cycling paths and it is ideal for a day-long family trip.
Velké Pavlovice Wine Trail – 110 km – leads you throughout the region of best red wines in Central Europe.
Znojmo Wine Trail – 165 km – connects 55 winemaking towns and villages. Lovers of flat roads and comfortable paths between fields and vineyards will like the northern part of the trail and the area around the Dyje River. Those who prefer more challenging terrains may enjoy the Podyjí National Park and the forests to the north from Znojmo.

Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: Czechtourism, Nadace Partnerství, portály stezky.cz atd.
Added: 15.06.2010

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