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Water parks in the Czech Republic

photo:  (archiv Centra Babylon v Liberci)

You can enjoy having fun in the water even when it is cold outside. Many water parks in the Czech Republic will delight lovers of water recreation.

The most common attractions at water parks are the water slide, whirlpool, massage benches, water jets, and wild rivers. Often you can also find a sauna, steam rooms, various types of massages, a fitness centre, a tanning salon, and of course restaurants and refreshments. It is very easy to spend a very pleasant day in such surroundings with the entire family without anybody becoming bored, and outside it could be freezing. In short, people of all ages will have fun.

Popular water parks in the Czech Republic

A selection of popular water parks:

Aquapark Babylon Liberec (map) – It is part of Centrum Babylon Liberec, the largest entertainment, hotel and social complex in the Czech Republic. The water park is built in the style of an ancient spa and its most popular attractions include the wild river and the extreme sport spacebowl.

AquaPalace – the Water Park in Čestlice near Prague (map) – This is one on the largest water parks in Central Europe and is comprised of three palaces – the Palace of Waves, the Palace of Adventure, and the Palace of Relaxation. All offer a wealth of entertainment and relaxation. The local specialities are an underwater diving pit, for those who want to try deep diving, and Sauna World, where you can try not only a classic Finnish sauna, but also a Roman Spa and a Russian Spa.

Aquapark Vyškov (map) – It comprises of indoor and outdoor sections and provides fun for children and adults alike. It has water slides, massage benches, a water spout, a water mushroom, and a pool for the littlest ones.

Aquapark Olomouc (map) – It offers interesting extreme sport and relaxation water attractions, such as the spacebowl and wild river. Visitors will also find relaxation zones, massages, a tanning salon, and a tepidarium, which is a dry warm room with the effect of radiant heat.

You can find more Czech water parks here.

Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 08.03.2011

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