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Winter resorts in the CR – Krušné and Lužické Mountains

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Part 3 – series about ski resorts in the Czech Republic


Krušné Mountains

The Krušné Mountains border the north-western part of our country. They are formed by a single, 130 km long continuous mountain range stretching from the Czech Republic to Germany. The best- known winter resorts in the Krušné Mountains are Klínovec (map) and Boží Dar (map). Other popular ski resorts include Bouřňák (map), Cínovec (map) and Nové Hamry (map).

Klínovec (map),

whose altitude is 1,244 m above sea level, is the highest peak of the Krušné Mountains. It is very popular with tourists and cyclists in the summer and it is a sought-after ski resort in winter. Klínovec is the highest elevated ski resort of the Krušné Mountains. It offers 10.1 km of downhill routes, of which 80% are maintained with artificial snowing. There are 35 km of well-maintained cross-country trails and a snow park with a half pipe for snowboarders.
  • Cross-country trails: maintained daily – 35 km.
  • Downhill routes: for the map of the downhill routes, click here.
More information about the ski resort, accommodation and sports activities can be found here.

Boží Dar (map) is

an important tourist centre of the Krušné Mountains both in summer and in winter. In this locality, tourists are offered various downhill routes, from routes suitable for beginners and families with children up to challenging routes for advanced skiers. The ski resort offers 50 km of cross-country trails, some of which are connected with cross-country trails in Germany. Visitors may also try out snow-tubing in the Novako centre (located in the very centre of Boží Dar), designed especially for beginners.
  • Cross-country trails: maintained daily – 50 km.
  • Downhill routes: maintained daily here.
More information about the ski resort, accommodation and sports activities can be found here.

For information about other winter resorts in the Krušné Mountains, click here.

Lužické Mountains (map)

This not very large mountain range is located halfway between the cities of Děčín and Liberec in the north of the Czech Republic. The Lužické Mountains, also called Lusatian Mountains, are ideal for hiking in summer.

Ski resort Luž (map)

The highest peak of the Lužické Mountains is called Luž (793 m). There is a ski resort at its south-eastern foothill (673 m). On average, there is enough snow for about 80 days of the winter season (without artificial snowing). As for the facilities, there are two ski lifts and three downhill routes in the ski resort. In addition, the resort offers night skiing and a 450 metre-long snow park.

For more information about the ski resort, accommodation and sports activities, click here.

Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 13.12.2010

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