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Lomnice Biscuits

photo:  (Muzeum Lomnice nad Popelkou)

Lomnice Biscuits are traditional pastry goods named after their place of origin, the town of Lomnice nad Popelkou. They have been popular and sought-after sweets for more than two hundred years. In the middle of 2007, they gained a trademark of the European Union.

Biscuits have probably been produced in Lomnice nad Popelkou (map) since before 1800. In 1810, there were 20 small biscuit producers registered in the city. The most famous and largest of them was the company of the confectioner Michal Jína and his sons Antonín and Josef. The popularity and renown of their biscuits soon spread outside the borders of Bohemia and reached Austria-Hungary, as well as other European countries, and even as far as the USA. The biscuits won the “Grand Prix” at the 1927 World Expo. In 1948, the production premises were nationalised. The company went back to private ownership in 1989, when it was privatised by the company Nestlé, which terminated production in 1994.

A year later, the production of the traditional Lomnice Biscuits was revived by the company Vekos. Soon after, many other producers joined in and in 2005 the Association of Lomnice Biscuits Producers was founded. It is dedicated to maintaining the traditional recipes and procedures and the trademark of the product. The production of Lomnice Biscuits is very complex in relation to the handmade procedures, and it is virtually implausible to automate it. The biscuits are baked twice but are covered in powdered sugar before the second baking, which also makes them easily distinguishable from ordinary biscuits.

In 2007, Lomnice Biscuits gained the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of the EU, which ensures that the product is made only in a particular geographical area and guarantees the uniqueness of the products to the customer.

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Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 07.04.2012

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