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Saint Martin celebrations and young wine

photo:  (czechtourism.com)

The St Martin celebrations are symbolised in the Czech Republic by tasting young wine and savouring roast goose. St Martin was one of the most famous and respected European saints, whose name is borne by hundreds of churches, monasteries and other places all over the world. 

St Martin’s Day has always been associated with the end of harvest, the climax of the agricultural year and the beginning of winter. Winery owners used to visit their winemakers on this day and taste the new wine and, according to the quality of which, they decided whether or not they would prolong the contract with the winemaker for the following year. Provided the wine was good and the contract was prolonged, there would be a good reason to celebrate. Thus the tradition of the St Martin celebrations with wine tasting and goose commenced.

Just like in every preceding year, it will be possible to taste the St Martin wine for the first time on St Martin’s Day on 11 November 2012, usually at 11 am, at some places even 11:11. The first glass of St Martin’s wine will show if the year 2012 was a success and if there is really something to celebrate.

The St Martin celebrations and the tasting of young wine will take place all over the country, especially in the winemaking regions of the CR, i.e. in South Moravia in Brno, Valtice, Mikulov, Znojmo, Velké Pavlovice, Hustopeče, Čejkovice, Hodonín and Uherské Hradiště, as well as in the capital city of Prague, Karlštejn, Ústí nad Labem and Jablonec nad Nisou. The St Martin wine will also be available at shops and restaurants.

You will find the list of events connected with St Martin’s Day in the Czech Republic here.
Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 01.11.2012

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