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Problems with waste deep-frying oil solved by biotechnology developed in the Czech Republic

photo:  (sxc.hu)

The revolutionary technology developed by Professor Márová and the team at the Materials Research Centre at the Faculty of Chemistry of Brno University of Technology transforms waste deep-frying oil into plastic packages that are harmless to the environment.

The polymer created by this unique technology can be used as material for the production of bio-plastic products such as in the production of plastic cups or packages for storing fresh food. The uniqueness of the manufactured packages lies in the fact that they spontaneously disintegrate within a few months. This is of course a great advantage from the environmental protection point of view, and it also efficiently solves the problem of disposal and package recycling.

The bio-polymer production technology called PHA (polyhydroxyalcanoates) is protected by a patent, was tested in a semi-operational scale and is prepared to be used for commercial usage. It is now being introduced to the Chinese market by the Czech company NAFIGATE Corporation, which specialises in the transfer of high-quality technologies and commercialisation of high-tech products.
Author: Petra Hubálková
Added: 06.01.2013

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