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The Czech Republic attracts foreign film producers

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The Czech Republic is a very popular destination for foreign film producers. The long-lasting tradition of film production, the professional approach and attitude of Czech production teams and the uniqueness of the sites have all contributed to the good reputation of the Czech Republic as a quality film destination.

Many world-famous films were shot in the Czech Republic, such as Amadeus (1984), the Oscar-winning historical film by Czech-born director Miloš Forman, Mission: Impossible (1996), the successful action movie featuring Tom Cruise in the title role, the film Bad Company (2002) with Anthony Hopkins, the mysterious horror From Hell (2001) with Johnny Depp or the newest James Bond film, Casino Royale (2006).

Czech film infrastructure and stage crews have a great name in the world of films and are well-known for their professionalism. The last twenty years has especially seen the Czech Republic gain a good reputation in film producing and there is practically everything that a film producer can possibly need. Well-established film studios, such as the Barrandov Studios or the younger Prague Studios offer professional production and high-quality services. The tradition of making films, which is a part of the country’s history, has provided a chance for many people, who work in the field of building and making film decorations. Thanks to their qualifications, they are able to work fast on a very high level. There are many capable and experienced stage crews that are able to facilitate several big film productions in the CR at the same time without any problems or disturbances. Since 2004, the Film Commission (within the Czech Film Chamber) provides services for new-coming productions and promotes the Czech Republic as an attractive locality for shooting films.

In order to support foreign film producers and investments in the Czech Republic, the Czech government approved a programme facilitated by the European Commission from June 2010 – the Film Industry Support Programme. The programme is a part of the Concept of Czech Cinematography and Film Industry 2010-2016. The aim of the investment incentives is to support domestic film productions, attract foreign productions as well as to increase the competitiveness of the Czech film industry within Europe and the rest of the world. The programme provides up to 20 percent of eligible costs to the film productions.

The investment incentives have already brought the first positive results to the Czech Republic. Due to the support programme, more foreign crews are returning to the Czech Republic. A good example is the shooting of a big Indian film called Rockstar, which took place in Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic last year, or the interest of the renowned Danish production company Zentropa who sent its stage crew to the Czech Republic in March 2011 to shoot the epic historical film Royal Affair starring Mads Mikkelsen.

More information about the programme can be found here.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 08.07.2011

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Benefits of investments and business

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