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200 years of the famous Hořice rolled wafers

photo:  (horicketrubicky.cz)

The unique regional delicacy, Hořice rolled wafers (Hořické trubičky), i.e. rolled wafers with a characteristic taste and aroma, have been produced in the city of Hořice in the foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains for 200 years. In 2007, the European Union awarded this dessert the mark of protection of geographical indications, which ensures that only the products made in this region can be called this name.

The Hořice rolled wafers consist of two very thin and delicate wafers with melted butter and honey and sprinkled by sugar or almonds, nuts, raisins, lemon or orange peel, vanilla or cinnamon. Finally, the wafers are rolled by hand. They may also have a cream filling. Other variations include rolled wafers fully or partially covered in chocolate topping.

Although the sweets are called Hořice rolled wafers, they originated in France. There are records of this dessert in France dating back to 1630. According to legend, the recipe reached Hořice (Map) in 1812 in the hands of a cook of Napoleon’s army, who were returning from a campaign in Russia. The story tells us that the heavily wounded general and cook of Emperor Napoleon, gave the recipe to a certain Mrs Líčková in return for saving his life and taking care of him.

It was Mrs Líčková’s son-in-law, the enterprising confectioner Karel Kofránek, that made the Hořice rolled wafers famous at the turn of the 19th and 20th century after he perfected their production and built a solid business foundation. The rolled wafers began to be exported to Germany, England, France, Turkey, the USA, and Shanghai. They have gained many certificates and awards at home and foreign exhibitions.

However, there were many other producers of rolled wafers in the city. After 1949, all production premises were nationalised and the production was gradually moved outside Hořice. Traditional handmade production was finally revived in Hořice after 1990. In 2010, the largest producers of Hořice rolled wafers included the companies STRIX Hořice s.r.o., Milan Hovorka (Hovorka’s Hořice rolled wafers), Petráčkovy hořické trubičky (Petráček’s Hořice rolled wafers),  Jana Kubištová – JANKA (Pravé Hořické trubičky LP 1812 – Genuine Hořice rolled wafers) and Pravé hořické trubičky s.r.o (Genuine Hořice rolled wafers).

Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 03.08.2012

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