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Becherovka Museum

photo:  (czechtourism.com)

The herbal liqueur has brought fame to the Czech Republic all over the world. Becherovka is a popular aperitif as well as an efficient digestive and is an essential part of many refreshing cocktails. 

This bittersweet liqueur has been manufactured in Karlovy Vary, a significant spa centre, for more than two hundred years. Becherovka was first made by pharmacist Josef Becher in his pharmacy as gastric drops in drug vials in 1807. The volume of the containers increased with the growing popularity of the drink. About seventy years after the recipe was written, Becherovka started to be tapped into the typical flat green bottles as we know today.

The production of the liqueur has been hidden beneath a shroud of secrecy since its very beginning. The exact doses of ingredients have been passed from father to son as a family secret. Today, the recipe for Becherovka is known to only two people, who prepare the mix of spices and herbs each week.

The exhibition of the Jan Becher Museum in Karlovy Vary (Map) offers views into the history as well as the present time of Becherovka. The museum annually attracts thousands of visitors, who have succumbed to the charm of Becherovka and are interested in the history of its production.

The exhibition is located in the historical building of the production factory, which replaced the original pharmacy about 150 years ago. During the tour, visitors can watch a short film dedicated to Becherovka, the original cellars for aging the liqueur, various objects historically connected with the drink as well as some of the production premises. The museum includes a shop and a bar, where you can buy or taste Becherovka chilled to the perfect serving temperature.

Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 29.08.2012

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