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Food-processing Industry in the Czech Republic

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The branches of food and beverage production are taken as key branches within the processing industry in the Czech Republic. Their importance is based on the fact that they provide nutrition to the population. The basic resources of the food-processing industry are domestic agricultural products, forest and water management products, as well as imported raw materials. The share of the food and beverage industry in the Czech GDP is 2.7%.

The food-processing industry is concentrated mainly in fertile lowland areas, in particular in the regions of Polabí, South Moravia and Haná, and also in large cities such as Prague, Brno, Plzeň, Ostrava, České Budějovice and Opava. As for the portfolio, the foodstuff production comprises many specific branches.

The key pillars of the food processing industry consist of foodstuff and beverage products.

Foodstuff production

The main branches are:
Processing meat and meat products
This branch deals with the processing of meat from both big and small farm animals and manufacture of meat products. It belongs to key branches within the food-processing industry in the CR.

Leading meat producers are:
Processing fruit and vegetables
The branch includes the processing of potato, production of fruit and vegetable juice and other production, and processing fruits and vegetables.

Leading fruit and vegetable producers are:
Potato production – BESKYD FRYČOVICE, a. s., INTERSNACK, a. s., GOLDEN SNACK, s. r. o., LWM INTERNATIONAL CZ, s. r. o.

Fruit and vegetable production: HAMÉ, a. s., LITOVEL, SELIKO OPAVA, a. s., PT SERVIS konzervárna, s. r. o., ALIBONA, a. s., NOVA, a. s., KAND, s. r. o.
Dairy products
The branch includes processing of milk as well as a production of dairy products, cheese and ice-cream.

Leading producers of dairy products in the CR are e.g.:
MADETA, a. s., PRAGOLAKTOS, a. s., OLMA, a. s., Danone, a. s., skupina LACTALIS CZ, MLÉKÁRNA HLINSKO, s. r. o., etc.
Production of flour and starch products
The branch covers the production of flour , starch-based and similar products.

Leading producers are e.g.:
EKOPRODUKT, s. r. o., EXVER FOOD, s. r. o., MILLBA CZECH, a. s., MLÝN KOJETÍN, s. r. o., MLÝN PERNER SVIJANY, s. r. o., PENAM, a. s., PRO-BIO, s. r. o., UNIMILLS, a. s., AMYLON, a. s., AMYLEX, s. r. o., KRNOVSKÁ ŠKROBÁRNA, s. r. o., ŠKROBÁRNY PELHŘIMOV, a. s., ŠKROBÁRNY HORAŽĎOVICE, a. s.

Other important branches are, e.g., the production of bread and baked goods and other flour-based products as well as the production of other foodstuff products.

Production of beverages

As regards the production of beverages in the CR, the most important production branches are:
Beer making
Beer is taken for one of the most sought-after beverages in the CR. The average beer consumption per capita is an unbelievable 160 litres. In 2009, there were 48 active industrial breweries in the Czech Republic which produced 17.8 million hectolitres of beer.

Leading beer producers are:
Plzeňský prazdroj, a. s., Staropramen, a. s., Heineken ČR, Budějovický Budvar, n. p., skupina PMS (for example, Pivovar Litovel, Holba, Zubr) and smaller breweries (e.g. Černá Hora, Svijany, Eggenberg, etc).
Wine making
Most vineyards in the Czech Republic are located in Southern Moravia (Valtice, Velké Pavlovice, Břeclav, Znojmo), while the main centre in Bohemia is Mělník.

The largest domestic producers of wine are:
Bohemia Sekt, a. s., Moravské vinařské závody Bzenec, s. r. o., PATRIA Kobylí, a. s., Templářské sklepy Čejkovice, Vinařské družstvo VINIUM, a. s., Velké Pavlovice, VINSELEKT Michlovský, a. s., ZNOVÍN ZNOJMO, a. s., Vinné sklepy Valtice, a. s., České vinařské závody, a. s., and many others.
Liquor making
Liquor making is a traditional branch in the Czech Republic. Liquor producers are usually focused on their own production but distribute foreign products as well. Recently, there is a distinctive trend in the growing demand for beverages with a lower content of alcohol (to a 20% volume of ethanol).

At present, the most significant positions in the branch of liquor and spirit production belong to:
STOCK Plzeň-Božkov, s. r. o., DRINKS UNION, a. s., Rudolf Jelínek, a. s., Vizovice, Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka, a. s. (owned by Pernod Ricard), etc.
Production of mineral water and soft beverages
In terms of the production of mineral water, the biggest shares on the market are kept by:
Karlovarské minerální vody, a. s., Poděbradka, a. s., and Hanácká kyselka, s. r. o.

Leading producers of soft beverages are:
Coca-Cola HBC ČR, s. r. o., Kofola, a. s., Krnov, Pepsi Co/GENERAL BOTTLERS ČR, s. r. o.
Kofola, a. s. is currently the best-known Czech producer of soft drinks.

Foodstuff production in the CR
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: Ministerstvo zemedelství
Added: 01.12.2011

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