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Investor of the Year 2010 and Business Property of the Year 2010

photo:  (czechinvest.org)

The Investor of the Year and the Business Property of the Year are professional competitions organised in the Czech Republic by the Business and Investment Development Agency (CzechInvest) and the Association for Foreign Investment – AFI in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade CR. The results of the competition were announced on 1st November 2011.

The winners were selected by an expert committee composed of representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade CR, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs CR, the AFI and CzechInvest.

The competition included six categories:
1. Investor of the Year 2010 – Greatest Innovation Potential
The title went to the company Edwards s.r.o., a global leader in vacuum technology for industrial, scientific and semi-conductor applications.
2. Investor of the Year 2010 – Manufacturing Industry
The award was given to the company Brembo Czech s.r.o., which invested in a new plant in Ostrava-Hrabová manufacturing auto brake systems and other aluminium components. Brembo is a global leader and innovator in technologies for brake systems and brake discs.
3. Investor of the Year 2011 – IT and Business Support Services
The winner in this category was a branch of the company NetSuite Czech Republic located in Brno, operating in software research and development. Brno is supposed to be one of the most significant NetSuite centres. The company will hire 130 new employees – professionals in the field of software development and quality assurance.
4. Business Property of the Year 2010 – High-Tech Property of the Year
In this category, the winner was the Business Incubator of the Palacký University Science and Technology Park in Olomouc. The centre supports start-up entrepreneurs with original ideas and helps them settle into the entrepreneurial environment.
5. Business Property of the Year 2010 – Industrial Zone of the Year
The title was awarded to the Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone, which is ranked among largest development zones in the Czech Republic.
6. Business Property of the Year 2010 – Brownfield of the Year
The Brownfield of the Year goes to Strojírna Oslavany. The company was awarded the title for successful regeneration of the facility which has been transformed into a modern education and training centre in the field of industry, business and services.

Other results in all categories can be found here.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: www.businessinfo.cz
Added: 16.12.2011

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