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KLASA Mark and Czech Made – the highest award for products and services

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The best companies and their products may receive permission from the Czech authorities to use a logo that signifies high quality.


National KLASA Mark

The national KLASA Mark is the award for the highest quality food and agricultural products. It is awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and until now has been given to 1,300 products of 222 Czech and Moravian producers. Conformity with the conditions and subsequent observance of all terms for awarding the national mark is in the hands of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority in cooperation with the State Veterinary Administration. The certificate is granted for three years and its validity can be extended afterwards. The awarded product is then allowed to mark its packaging with the KLASA logo. However, if the product fails to follow the necessary requirements, the quality mark may be taken away at anytime. The list of certified products is here.

The Czech Made Programme

Producers of consumer goods and service providers may participate in the Czech Made Programme. The project is not focused on only one quality mark but on creating a number of them for various corporations, associations, syndicates, etc. However, it is required that a third, independent party will check the quality indicators. The products and services that apply to use the marks under the Czech Made Programme must be capable of keeping the high quality in the long term.

For example, children's shoes that pass the test conducted by independent inspectors gain the certification to not only use the Czech Made mark but also a logo with a giraffe, which indicates to the parents that the shoes were voluntarily tested and that they are not dangerous to health in terms of the design or the materials. Only safe and quality toys have the right to use the logo with a child's palm and the Sun. In the Czech Republic, there is also a logo to mark products manufactured with the involvement of disabled people.

The awarded products are distinguished from the rest both by Czech Made Programme logo and by the quality mark according to the specific category. Hence, a well-visible logo on the package helps the consumer to distinguish the quality of the chosen product. The list of marks included in the Czech Made Programme is here.

Selected Czech food and agricultural products are also protected by EU logos. You will find these unique products on a special list here.
Author: Andrea Kábelová
Added: 19.09.2010

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