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Škoda Auto Museum

photo:  (Škoda Auto Muzeum)

The Škoda Auto Museum is the company museum of the Škoda Auto car factory, which is a factory with a long tradition in the Czech Republic. The museum was founded in 1995 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the company Laurin & Klement. It is located in the former Škoda factory in Mladá Boleslav.

The museum presents the hundred-year long history of the automobile factory that was founded in 1895 by two enthusiastic cyclists – mechanic Václav Laurin and bookseller Václav Klement. It was originally a small manufactory that produced bikes and later motorcycles. The company began to construct cars in 1905 and its very first model was the Voiturette A. In the 1920s, the company needed a strong economic partner to be able to keep its position on the market and modernise its production, which included, apart from personal cars, various types of camions, buses, aircraft engines and agricultural machines. In 1925, the company merged with the enterprise Škoda Plzeň, which meant the end of the Laurin & Klement brand. The company gradually accepted the Škoda name and logo.

The exhibition includes various types of Škoda cars from the beginning of production until the present day, including the first Voiturette A automobile. There are also the best-known present-day cars of the company, such as the Fabia, Octavia and Superb. You may also see many models that have never been put into production. The museum preserves the historical archive of the company presenting the technological and photographical documentation.

The permanent exhibition of the museum is divided into three sections:

100 Years of the Company Exhibition
– presents the history of the production of Škoda cars from its beginning to the latest models. The exhibits include the first produced Voiturette car.

Sleeping Beauty Exhibition – This exhibition presents veteran cars in their original state that are planned to be renovated untraditionally directly in the exhibiting spaces of the museum. Visitors thus have a chance to compare the old cars before renovation with those that have already gone through the restoration garages and are on display in the 100 Years of the Company Exhibition.

Engines Gallery
– One part of the museum is dedicated to engines. The exhibits of the gallery are organised chronologically so that visitors can discover the 60-year long development of engine construction.

More information about the entrance fee, opening hours, etc. can be found here.
Author: Romana Kuncová
Source: www.skoda-auto.cz
Added: 12.09.2011

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