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TON, Czech chair and table producer, won a prestigious prize

photo:  (ton.cz)

The famous Czech company TON, which has been making bentwood chairs for over a hundred years, was awarded the X2 Red Dot Design Award 2011 X2 for their Merano chair.

Within the Red Dot Design Award competition, which ranks among the most renowned and most prestigious competitions in the world, the company was awarded yet another prize – an Honorable Mention in the Product Design 2011 category – for the Petalo hanger, also called the “numb servant”. The Rioja bar chair was awarded with the Interior Innovation Award 2011.

The international jury of the Red Dot Design Award has been choosing the best of thousands of products since 1955. The jurors especially assess the innovation, functionality, quality and environmental impacts of the products.

By gaining the “Red Dot”, the company TON successfully continues its achievements from last year, when it was awarded the Producer of the Year 2010 within the Czech Grand Design awards. In the same year, it also gained a significant award at the Prague Fair of Furniture and Furniture Design called For Furniture 2011 in the Furniture of the Year 2011 competition for the Wave rocking armchair.

The products of the TON company are produced in X7 Bystřice pod Hostýnem X7 (map), where Michael Thonet laid the foundation stone of the original factory producing THONET bentwood furniture in 1861. The famous No. 14 Thonet chair has been produced there for more than 150 years. More than 80 million pieces have been made until now. Michael Thonet demonstrated its solidity by throwing it from the Eiffel Tower at the World Exposition in Paris. The chair was then awarded the gold medal.

Pablo Picasso and the American actress Sandra Bullock are an example of famous personalities that have taken a fancy to Thonet’s products.

Author: Andrea Kábelová
Source: www.ton.cz
Added: 02.06.2011

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