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World-Famous Czech Porcelain

photo:  (czechtourism.com)

The tradition of porcelain production in the Czech Republic is very long and, similarly to Czech glass, boasts a good reputation abroad as well. It is exported to all continents – the Japanese love it; Koreans and Americans too.

The most popular varieties of Czech porcelain are blue onion porcelain and rose porcelain.

Blue onion porcelain has been manufactured in the Czech lands since 1885. It is a symbol of fragile beauty, a combination of usefulness and spiritual joy, a symbol of uniqueness and world renown. Its name originates from the decor based on stylish plant motives on the background of the East Asian philosophy. However, it is adjusted to European style and concepts. The traditional “onion porcelain” name comes from an erroneous interpretation of one of the motives – the pomegranate – whose shape resembles the onion. A more detailed explanation about the history of blue onion porcelain can be found here.

Nowadays, blue onion porcelain is manufactured by several companies in the Czech Republic but it is only the blue onion porcelain made in the Český porcelán a. s. Dubí (map) factory that is considered as the original.

Another equally famous porcelain product is rose porcelain. This exclusive porcelain is designed for demanding customers and used mainly for special occasions. A significant part of the global production of rose porcelain is made in the Czech Republic. It is hand-made, decorated with flower patterns and gilded with 24 carat gold. The products comprise both decorative items and practical sets.

Rose porcelain has been manufactured since the year 1811 in the original factory in Chodov near Karlovy Vary. Contrary to the other manufacturers, the rose colour is not achieved by rose glazing on a white porcelain base: in Chodov, the base porcelain substance is first dyed, and glazed with transparent glaze afterwards. In terms of rose porcelain production, the artistic sense is not enough. To achieve perfect results, you need to manage both manufacturing and decorative techniques.

Author: Romana Kuncová
Added: 20.12.2011

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