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New CZECH MONEY mobile app

photo:  (sxc.hu)

The Czech National Bank became one of the first central banks in the European Union to implement new technologies and created a special Czech Money application, which enables detailed examination of Czech banknotes and coins in iPod, iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

People can acquaint themselves with Czech currency with this application and it can also serve as a manual for distinguishing security features on Czech banknotes, thus verifying their authenticity. The Czech Money app offers detailed pictures and descriptions of all valid patterns of Czech banknotes and coins. The pictures of banknotes and coins can be zoomed and turned arbitrarily. Due to the function of backlight, you can examine watermarks, register marks, metallised stripes and coloured fibres, which are visible only under a UV lamp or direct light. A feature for iPads shows the real size of the banknote in 1:1 scale. The app might prove very useful for e.g. foreign tourists, who would like to travel to the Czech Republic but do not know the local currency.

The Czech and English version of the app for iPhone, iPad and iPod is available for free download at the App Store. Apart from that, you can download and print out the brochure Banknotes and Coins and Banknote Security Features Guide from the CNB website. The Czech Banknotes and Czech Coins animations offer a detailed examination of valid Czech banknotes and coins.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: ČNB
Added: 03.08.2012

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New CZECH MONEY mobile app

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