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The Czech Republic has the best decorative hologram of 2009

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Last autumn the International Hologram Manufactures Association, IHMA , awarded the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs the important Holography Award 2009 in the category of Best Decorative Hologram of 2009.

The hologram was specially created for a publication accompanying the Central European cultural platform event in Slavonice in June 2009. This took place within the terms of the Czech chairmanship of the European Union, when the Czech Republic simultaneously assumed chairmanship of the aforementioned Central European Cultural Platform, the member states of which are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia. The publication titled “Central Europe in Focus – Short Stories“ originated thanks to cooperation between the Department for Culture, Communication and Presentation of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and six young authors from member states of the platform, namely Petra Hůlová (Czech Republic), Martin Leidenfrost (Austria), Kiss László (Hungary), Dorota Masłowska (Poland), Jana Juráňová (Slovakia) and Dušan Čater (Slovenia). This book is a collection of 6 stories reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain and the future of Europe during the following 20 years.
The awarded hologram became an authentic design element of the collection. The hologram is unique because the entire contents of the book are concealed within it and it simultaneously assures copyright protection. All the stored data can be read through a microscope. The publication was prepared by designer Tomáš Coufal and the hologram was created on the basis of his design by the company Czech Optaglio s.r.o., which specialises in manufacturing holograms. The company’s representatives received the award in London.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 26.01.2010

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