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Data Boxes

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A data box is an electronic storage site, intended for delivery of official documents and for communication with public authority bodies. Data boxes are established and managed by the Home Office. A data box is not obligatory for citizens and private individuals who carry out business activities. Establishment of a data box is obligatory for legal entities and public authority bodies (state administration).

A document (data message), which is delivered to a data box, is delivered at the moment the authorised individual logs into the data box. The fiction of delivery applies similarly to letter mail: if you do not log-into your data box within a time limit of 10 days from the day the document was delivered to the data box, this document is considered delivered on the last day before elapse of this time limit. Delivery of the document has the same legal effects as personal delivery.

A data box is not an e-mail box; you cannot use it to communicate directly with individual clerks, only with the whole office. And you also cannot use the data box to communicate with another private individual, private individual carrying out business activities or legal entity. There is more information available at www.datoveschranky.info.
Author: Aleš Martínek
Added: 21.02.2010

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