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Roads and motorways in the Czech Republic – categorisation

photo:  (rsd.cz)

The categories of Czech motorways and roads are regulated by the Act on road communications, the so-called Road Act, which classifies road communications into the following categories: motorways, roads, local communications and special communications. In maps, the types of communications in the Czech Republic are marked by the letter D for motorways, R for expressways and S for roads. 

There are 6 motorways in the CR: the D1, D2, D3, D5, D8 and D11. The total length of the motorways is 738.4 km (as of 11 July 2011). The maximal permitted speed on motorways outside cities is 130 km/h and 80 km/h. The oldest and the most important motorway is the D1 connecting Prague and Brno.  

You can find a map of the motorway network of the CR here.

Roads in the CR are land communications accessible to the public and they are classified according to their purpose and transport significance into the following categories:

1st class roads
These are designated for long-distance and international transport and include the so-called expressways. These are similar to motorways in many aspects and serve for fast interstate and international transport. They are marked by the letter R. The maximal permitted speed is the same as for the motorways: 130 km/h outside cities and 80 km/h in cities. The total length of expressways in the CR is 439.1 km.

Certain motorway and expressway networks in the Czech Republic are toll ways. You will find the list of fees here.

2nd class roads
These enable transport between districts.

3rd class roads
These roads provide connections between particular towns or link villages to other land communications.

Local communications
Local communications serve mainly for local transportation within municipalities.

Special communications
These connect particular real-estates and serve for the purposes of their owners, or link these real-estates to other land communications.

1st class motorways and roads (including expressways) are owned by the state. 2nd and 3rd class roads are owned by the given region. Local communications are owned by the given municipalities and special communications are the property of legal or natural persons.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 02.11.2012

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