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Internet, postal and delivery services in the CZ

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The most important communication channel with the surrounding world for visitors to a foreign country and for the local inhabitants is the postal service. The internet is currently also an indispensable communications instrument, enabling direct and rapid access to essential information.


Internet services

The internet began to enter the Czech Republic in 1992. Internet providers in the CZ are chiefly telecommunications operators, cable television operators and other subjects carrying out business activities in the field of radio communications.

At present there are several options for internet connection in the Czech Republic: using a telephone land line (for instance ADSL), cable television, wireless connection (satellite network, mobile telephone network, Wi-Fi, FWA) or using a mobile telephone. The most widespread type of connection in Czech households is a wireless connection. The disadvantage of this type of connection is the fact that only larger towns are covered for the present. You can find a summary of internet providers here.

In the CZ internet access is also arranged by means of publically available computers at municipal and other public offices or for instance in internet cafes. You can find a summary of internet cafes here. The prices for internet access are individual in every cafe. You can pay per minute or per hour. There are also cafes that provide free access by using Wi-Fi, however you must have your own laptop with you. You can find a list of cafes providing free Wi-Fi access here.

Postal and delivery services

The provider of postal services in the Czech Republic is the state-owned Czech Post. It provides domestic and international postal, financial and courier services. It also accepts, transports and delivers direct and indirect postal consignments for business subjects. Czech Post is also the owner of a so-called postal reservation (monopoly), which applies to domestic letter mail. This concerns a reserved consignment if the letter mail weighs less than 50 g. Therefore the postal monopoly does not apply to letter mail weighing over 50 g. Postal consignments to foreign countries or from foreign countries are not monopolised and the postal reservation does not apply to them. Czech Post currently uses three types of transport for postal consignments: road, rail and air.

As of 2007 Czech Post also issues excerpts from the Real Estate Register, the Trades Register and the Commercial Register. It also provides Registered Electronic Mail services, which is the electronic analogy of a registered postal consignment, and also sells motorway coupons. You can find more information about postal services and rates here.

Apart from Czech Post there is also a network of delivery and courier companies in the Czech Republic, which endeavour to assure the most rapid delivery of consignments for their customers. Use of courier services is particularly appropriate when the consignment must be delivered immediately. Courier services in the Czech Republic assure transport of both letter and item consignments for households, companies, entrepreneurs and large corporations in this country and throughout Europe.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 20.05.2010

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