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Bread Basket - International Agricultural Fair 2011

photo:  (Země živitelka)

The Bread Basket is the oldest and most visited Czech agricultural fair which takes place every year at the end of August at the fair and exhibition premises in České Budějovice. Its history goes back to the year 1972, when the name “National Agricultural Exhibition Bread Basket České Budějovice” was first used. The fair is a continuation of projects organised since 1960 as regional agricultural fairs.

In the time of its existence, the Bread Basket became a respected professional agricultural fair with presentations of plant and livestock production, feeds, agricultural technologies, food processing industries, ecology, forestry and water management, environment protection and agriculture and agrotourism.

In 2006, two new theme projects were introduced, an exhibition called Ecostyle and the International Cooperative Systems Exposition, and they have both taken place every year since then.

Ecostyle is focused on the creation and protection of the environment, including ecological technologies, renewable energy sources, bio-products and healthy lifestyle. The International Cooperative System Exposition is an exhibition of consumer goods, the building industry, textile and leather industry, and also agricultural and food products, security technology etc.

Both domestic and foreign exhibitors participate in the fair. The foreign exhibitors primarily come from the neighbouring countries of Germany, Austria and Slovakia, but they also arrive from places such as Belgium, Japan, Italy, Russia, Sweden and the USA. The Bread Basket is not just exhibits, not at all. There is a variety of accompanying professional seminars and contests, including cultural and entertaining programmes.

This year, from 25-30 August, the 38th year of the Bread Basket takes place in České Budějovice (map). The main topics of this year are renewal and rural development technology, plant and animal production, food production, forestry and water systems, gardening and breeding, services for agriculture. The Ecostyle exhibition presents the creation and protection of the environment, ecological technologies, ecological constructions, waste disposal, renewable energy sources, ecological ways of heating, biomass, bio products, well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

More information about the exposition can be found here.

Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Added: 28.07.2011

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