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Since 1992, the CzechInvest agency has been supporting direct foreign investments in the Czech Republic. Recently, its activities were extended by a number of new programmes which support investment incentives in the CR. The latest, very important change is the strategy called New CzechInvest, which presents a set of new products and services for entrepreneurs. 

The New CzechInvest was designed to improve the competiveness of the Czech economy. The new activities facilitated by the agency are divided into seven intervention areas:
  • Coordination and support to investment flow
  • Support to commercialisation of outcomes from scientific research and development and investments in innovations
  • Support to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)
  • Internationalisation
  • Regional development
  • Development of human resources for business
  • Administration of the new operating programme 2014+
Special economic zones, foreign incubators for domestic entrepreneurs, information business centre, global accelerators for Czech companies, support to investments and acquisitions of domestic companies abroad, regional innovation centres, PPP projects and focus on incentives for technologically challenging investments – and there is much more to cover within the CzechInvest's activities now.

However, among their key activities are providing incentives for investments from abroad to the Czech Republic. As for priorities, namely technologically challenging projects which create high added value as well as export of investments from the CR to other countries are supported. Anyway, the agency will focus, for example, on developing entrepreneur incubator centres for Czech companies abroad, establishment of the "business ombudsman" as the consultant for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, a new funding programme will be launched in 2014.

Along with that, the CzechInvest develops the network of foreign technological centres for Czech companies – CzechAccelerators.
Author: Ivana Jenerálová
Source: CzechInvest
Added: 01.06.2012

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